Evolving and offering
quality and the best service since 2001.


Grupo Criptana was founded in 2001 under the name of Aislamientos y Calorifugados Criptana as a company dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of ventilation and extraction ducts for garages.

However, our policy of constant evolution together with our experience has brought us closer to the field of Air Conditioning and Construction Installations so as to cover all possible applications in every kind of building.

Thanks to our wide experience we have become a competitive company in terms of innovation, technology, quality and service.

Aislamientos y Calorifugados Criptana is today a company capable of satisfying your needs at the highest level.
We supply and assemble sheet metal ducts, both rectangular and helical, terminal and diffusion elements, thermal and acoustic insulation in ducts and pipe lagging.