Quality Policy

The management of AISLAMIENTOS Y CALORIFUGADOS CRIPTANA S.L. states as its main objective to become and remain market leaders
in terms of quality/price ratio in Manufacture, Sale, Assembly
and Maintenance of smoke control duct sections.

It pursues the fulfilment of profitability and quality objectives and shows its commitment to comply both the clients’ needs and the regulatory and statutory requirements within the framework ISO- 9001:2015.

It shall have the necessary human and material resources available to guarantee the quality of its products.

It ensures the necessary training and updating courses for all its staff and will promote a healthy working environment and the scrupulousness of each worker in their job.

It ensures the suitability, quantity, proper use and maintenance of the machinery necessary for the correct performance of its services.

It provides the necessary mechanisms for the control and measurement of products and services.

It creates and maintains system support documentation and ensures that it is reviewed and updated.

It controls its suppliers by treating their materials and products as its own.

It stays in contact with its clients regularly, dealing with their complaints and suggestions as diligently as possible and compiling and analysing the data generated in order to improve their satisfaction.

It monitors, measures and records all key processes in order to obtain data for the continuous improvement of the system.

It performs as many corrective actions as necessary to avoid recurrence of non- conformities.

It plans the management system by identifying and considering the risks and opportunities of the organisation and its context and the needs and expectations of the interested parties.

It establishes annually the necessary objectives for the achievement of this policy.

ISO 9001 Quality Certification

Grupo Criptana has received from CERTIBERIA Europe Solutions certification services the Certificate of quality management system in accordance with the requirements established in the ISO 9001:2015 standard regarding the activities of manufacturing, marketing, installation and maintenance of smoke control sections.

This certificate demonstrates the company’s achievements and commitments in order to run the business in a consistent and professional manner and it is a symbol of excellence and prestige.

Certificate of marking CE for smoke extraction duct


It is made according to the UNE-EN 12101- 7:2013 standard. This duct is used to prevent the spread of smoke and products of combustion from a fire area, to contain the flow of harmful and toxic extinction gases from the affected region, as well as to control the pressurisation and purge of excess air from pressurisation systems. These smoke control systems must fulfil three functions:

1. The extraction of smoke from a fire area to the outside of the building.
2. The extraction of smoke by means of smoke and heat extraction systems connected to one or more fire areas of a building.

3. The use of pressurisation to keep areas free of smoke. Smoke control ducts are commonly used in smoke and heat control systems.

Testing of rectangular-section sheet metal air ducts

Different test reports were performed in our facilities to determine the kind of airtightness that we could achieve with the manufacture of our rectangular duct.

They were carried out in accordance with the UNE-EN 1507:2007 standard for building ventilation in which both the airtightness of the ducts as well as their mechanical resistance to different air pressures are tested.
The results confirmed the quality of the manufacture and assembly of our ducts, achieving a C3 airtightness class, and being the results well below the limits established by the UNE standard.