García Baquero’s Automated Warehouse

Alcázar de San Juan (Spain)


Grupo Criptana has carried out the ducting installation for the industrial cooling and air conditioning system of García Baquero’s new automated cheese warehouse, one of the largest in Spain with a height of more than 36 metres.

The aim of this project was to get an automation system for the drying process of its products. More than 350 metres of ductwork of diameters ranging from 1,400 mm to 800 mm were installed in order to carry the air through long-range nozzles which directed the air through the shelves and towards the floor.
The system was closed with duct lines of more than 200 metres with a diameter of 900 mm which, by means of grilles, collected the air that was blown from above, creating this way a circuit that covers the entire warehouse from top to bottom.